Returns or Exchange

First of all thank you for buying at If for any reason you wish to return or exchange your bike plate you can do that in 14 days from the date of delivery. But since we are very curious and would like to improve, your opinion why to return the plate will be much appreciated and if possible changes you suggested realized.

For return or exchange please follow the next steps and our rules (we hate to use this word but sometimes there is no other way around it):

  • for return or exchange please send email to Send the bike plate after confirmation. You will be refunded or receive another plate after we receive the returned item.
  • If there was damage to the plate or anything else during shipping please let us know immediately on so we can make it right. All complaints which will not be send to us immediately after reception will not be taken seriously.
  • It pains us to write it, but if you for example, have been riding around with your bike plate for two weeks and some drunk guy tore it off when you were leaving  the bar please do not ask for a refund because you will not get it. This applies to all damages that occurred during use or misuse. But if your story makes us laugh really hard perhaps we will make an exception.
  • we can not refund your shipping costs for return, because we are a small outfit and we just can not afford it. But please feel free to buy more and tell your friends so we can change this policy.

For anything we might have left out, let us know and we will see if we can help you out.

Kick Ass Bike Plates team