bike plate runs on ice creambike plate runs on ice cream

Runs on Ice Cream & Sunshine


Sweet and sunny is the mainstream of this bike owner. Riding a bike can be charged in several ways! So why not charge yourself with nice and positive stuff like delicious ice cream and warm sunshine! For the beautiful bikes with positive and playful owners! Let’s ride on ice cream and sunshine!



Kick Ass Bike Plates are made of lightweight aluminium in dimensions 7.6 × 15.3 cm (3 × 6 in) with rounded corners. Designs (words and artwork) are relief made, with a special glow that reflects light. Kick Ass Bike Plates for bike lovers with kick ass style.

Unique holder enables the fixation of the plate on the seat post. All the hardware included (holder, allen keys, screws and nuts). The holder can be easily attached to a broad spectrum of round seat posts with the perimeter 69-100.5 mm (2.72-3.95 inch). Suitable for vintage old-timers, city, kids and sport (road, mountain) bikes. If your bike is really special and you want to be completely sure that the holder can fit the seat post, please measure it. You can find the instructions here.

Make sure that your bike seat is at least 4 cm above the frame so there is enough space to mount a Kick Ass Bike Plate. Keep in mind that also a basket or a child seat at the back rack can make it difficult to mount a Kick Ass Bike Plate with holder. In this case, you can order only a plate and mount it on your own on a basket or any other place you prefer.

The holder is made of durable plastic and is available in matt black colour. The dark colour is less noticeable, so all attention goes to Kick Ass Bike Plate.

Instructions how to install a plate are here.

When ordering the plate and holder, you will receive everything in your cute cardboard packaging, which is ideal for a gift.