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After cycling some flat land we started making plans to conquer one of the highlights of Malaysia, Cameron Highlands. They got name from British and if course they made tea plantations there. We believe they feel really at home there, because almost every afternoon you have nice showers from the sky.


This time we were more prepared and we checked the map carefully. In last village Sungai Koyan we were lucky enough to catch the night market. Locals where so happy to see tourist in their community that they invite us for food and drink. When we were completely full they give us take away. But on again 1 k of attitude and this time 80 km of ride in the jungle we were really happy to have the supply. After really hot ride (yes it’s 35°C+ and at least 80 % humidity), where no shadow to cool off we notice another specialty of Malaysian roads. Due to the rainy season (we assume that) their angle for water dropping is built differently so on many occasions it looks like the road is slowly going down. But then we notice ourselves how we still pushing hard the pedals in our first gear. Malaysia, congrats for exhausting optical trick. Each time we were fooled! Hahaha

After entering the vegetable plantations valley the strong smell of fertilizers where in the air, which make us think about the direction of our planet, but luckily no more optical delusions, so straight uphill.

Cameron Highlands offered us some nice landscapes and jungle trails, but we weren’t really thrilled about it.But we manage to saw 10 cm large bugs! Yes, we know if freaking 10 cm bug! At this point one part of our brains just couldn’t not the process their size. Wtf is going on?!? But when we saw 5 m high fern tree we slowly started to getting it. Jungle is huge! That fore also their sounds even during day can compare with noise on the roads.

I (Ajda) almost ride over a green snake when going down hill. But luckily Gregor calm me down with his Discovery Channel knowledge. He told me that this green slim snakes are very fotogenical and not poisnous at all, that fore all the time on the shows. I believed him and that make me feel more safe, evendough we found out that this part about »not poisonous« is not so true.