From the sea to broken chain

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Going on adventure by the sea

At the beginning of November, we had a couple of days off and it’s a climbing tradition to spend it in climbing paradise Paklenica, Croatia. This year besides climbing we had an idea to cycle 350 km back home to Ljubljana. The day we started it was sunny and windy, actually the wind called bora […]

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Winners of Creativity StartUP Training School

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Kick Ass Bike Plates presentation

Kick Ass Bike Plates team have interesting weeks behind. We were present on Creativity StartUP Training School where we had two interesting days and became the winners of the event. Yeaa! 🙂 We had the best presentation and very likable product! As a winners we received an invitation on International Conference and Investment Forum of […]

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Best cycling gifts for passionate bikers

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Gift for cyclist collage

In our opinion a biker’s gift has to be functional and for that, there is a lot of choices in the booming cycling market. But what do you buy for someone who already has everything you can possibly imagine? That’s when you have to be creative and you have to choose style before function. That […]

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Part 2 – to the highlight, uups, Highland

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jungle Cameron highlands

After cycling some flat land we started making plans to conquer one of the highlights of Malaysia, Cameron Highlands. They got the name from the British and of course, they made tea plantations there. We believe they feel really at home there because almost every afternoon you have nice showers from the sky.   This […]

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The beginning – how it all started

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Cycling in Thailand

So let’s start at the beginning. Fortunately, for the all of you who will read this, we will not start with my first memory is… But we will start, boy meets girl and girl meets boy and at first they were happy, but like many times, life got in the way. What happened? With time […]

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Equipment for touring suggested by bikers

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sleeping bike touring

The thing with gear aficionados is that we are like lawyers, the more you ask, more opinions you get. And there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone develops their own style with different gear lists throughout the years. Below we have made a little list of suggested gear for bike travellers. Keep in mind that […]

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Start touring (for everyone on the budget)

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view during lunch Thailand

We come from Europe, that means that we are secretly obsessed with »sterility« and with too much unnecessary stuff. So each time when we start something new we think of mountain of stuff that we urgently need. Well all that is total bullshit, because there is always the alternative called human creativity and open mind. […]

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