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Bicycle and cities are two words used less often within a sentence in our current day and age, no thanks science and technology. However, cycling around town is still widely preferable among many people, but how convenient is cycling in your city. In this article, we will take a look at the world’s most bicycle friendly European cities.


Copehagen cyclistCopenhagen

If you are a fan of two-wheeled transportation, then Copenhagen is a bicycle heaven for you. Copenhagen is factually the city that has more bicycles than human beings, at a rate of 5 bikes to 4 people. Despite the active efforts of European cities at making cycling the predominant mode of road transportation, Copenhagen seems to be the gold standard. If you happen to reside in a car dominated city, you probably might be wondering how moving around with bicycles has managed to become a norm in Copenhagen, well somehow, it has become an everyday thing. Considering the amount of bicycle, make sure you ride with style.



The Dutch people actually do prefer moving around in bicycles as this seems the best way to experience Amsterdam. However , way back in the 1960s, Amsterdam used to be as well as other top Dutch cities used to be clogged up with motorists, it took an alarming amount of child deaths due to vehicular traffic as well as resolute activism to transform Amsterdam into the cycling paradise it is today. In Amsterdam today, over 60% of road trips are made by bicycles within the city while about 40% of road trips are made overall in the broader city area. At the moment, bikes are now being used in all socio-economic spheres. This is obviously as a result of its relative convenience, Amsterdam small size, the bicycles riding network created by the Dutch government, the topography etc. In addition, many Dutch citizens just don’t see it reasonable, driving an automobile around when you can just hop on a bike. Expect to see riders who could pass as hipsters, capable of doing a thousand and one things like having a baby on one hand and holding a Popsicle on the other while riding past you on their bicycles. And then we have the non-hipsters as well.



This is yet another city that is considered among the most bike friendly cities of the world with well over 130,000 riders maneuvering through paths that are as long as 500 km. The metropolis of Strasbourg has been developed in conjunction with the tram, bus and rail systems, reducing the need for cars. The government of the city has been able to make biking convenient for commuters and visitors.


Beach MalmöMalmö

Yet another choice location. Since 2015, the city of Malmö has been hell bent on establishing cycling as the major means of transportation around the city. As a matter of fact, they tend to build special houses known as “Cykelhust” that houses bicycles belonging to inhabitants of buildings. Due to the fact that the city has many streets that aren’t motorable, moving around with bicycles can prove to be the quickest way around town. However, many on-way streets have two way bike paths.


LjubljanaBicycle friendly city

The capital of Slovenia has been able to create its own dynamics over the years, being a key player in the European scene. Bicycles are probably the most efficient ways to discover Ljubljana as the terrain is flat and compact enough for anyone to go on a quick tour around the city. In 2015, Ljubljana was listed among the top 20 bicycle friendly cities in the world, occupying the 13th position, but very recently, it improved its rank by moving up to the 8th position, making it undeniably a choice spot for bike riding enthusiasts. Its fair share of cycling enthusiasts within its borders has risen and the government of Slovenia seems to have plans to continue expanding its solid relatively cohesive network.


World clock in Berlin Berlin street art

Definitely a European power city, bicycle riding is a predominant means of road transport in the city, which happens to be the capital of Germany. The city has over time been able to make adequate bicycling infrastructure available to the masses and it is believed that the city of Berlin has well over 710 units of bicycles per 1000 individuals. Berlin is also a metropolis that has one of the highest rates of bicycle commuting in the world.


Sagrada familia BarcelonaPanorama view on Barcelona

Surprisingly Mediterranean cities are not really famous for cycling. The big exception in this is Barcelona, with its beautiful cozy weather, dedicated cycling routes and hidden pathways of the city waiting to be discovered. Cycling is a great way to maximally enjoy the city of Barcelona while exercising at the same time. Whether you chose to make the climb up to Montjuïc Mountain or cycle out to the 1992 Olympic Games venues at the Forum Park, you will build up an appetite to be sated in Barcelona’s plethora of great eateries.

Here are just a few of the cities for cycling fans to cash in on. They are destination spots for your bike tours all day long.

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