Best cycling gifts for passionate bikers

Gift for cyclist collage

In our opinion a biker’s gift has to be functional and for that, there is a lot of choices in the booming cycling market. But what do you buy for someone who already has everything you can possibly imagine? That’s when you have to be creative and you have to choose style before function. That means the gift has to be funny, stylish and if you can add some function somewhere in there, even better. So here is a little list of the most interesting cycling gifts.

Kick Ass Bike Plates

bike plate

Sometimes it is hard to select a gift for friends, but this one is appropriate for a broad spectrum of bike owners. This plate fits most of the bikes with humorous quotes on colourful reflective bike plates. Pick the design that will kick friends bike and ass! A simple and funny gift that gives a touch of personality on the bike and puts a smile on people faces.

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This is a really cool solution for bike lights. They are relatively expensive and quite complicated to install but they deliver and you will be seen at night. For this reason, we believe this is a very good gift for somebody who really loves cycling and does it on a daily basis to commute. Of course they have to have a bike that is worth more than the gift otherwise it just seems wrong.

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Bicycle pizza cutter

When we buy gifts we often think what would be cool but almost not worth buying. With the bicycle pizza cutter you hit that statement on the spot. It’s still functional and every passionate cyclist will be more than happy to cut their pizza with this gift.

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Quick release fenders – ass saver

How many times you cycled to work and even though it wasn’t raining you were able to find the last puddle left from yesterday’s rain. That can all change with the ass saver. Not only that its cute, functional and not expensive, it also has a great name. Every time somebody asks you what kind of mudguard do you have, you can say ’’ass saver’’.

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Clug bike rack

Very simple and cute solution for bicycle storage. Appropriate for all the people who live in the city and do not have a lot of space. Useful gift for a reasonable price.

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Walz classic cycling cap

Everybody needs a cycling cap. Even if they already have one, they will probably always find an occasion to wear one more. Walz has a great variety of different fibers, collections where you can find something suitable for your daily commute or attacking the biggest hill near you.

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